10 Crazy Tales Of Impressive Pilots

Being a pilot was always a dream most little kids had at one point or another. Wearing a cool uniform and helmet, flying around in a high-speed jet, firing missiles at the enemy, and landing on a carrier ship in the middle of the ocean. These were fantasies many had, but only a few managed to achieve due to how strict the Air Force generally is about flying and pilots. These well-paid individuals soar high above the clouds, taking down foes without ever seeing them. They were highly trained and worth the money, and because of this they managed to tackle some truly impressive feats. Here are ten crazy tales of impressive pilots.

Nobuo Fujita

Nobuo Fujita, a Japanese pilot, was the only one to attack the mainland United States during World War 2. He dropped numerous bombs over Oregon. Years later, Fujita returned and offered the sword of his family as an apology. He was made an honorary citizen of Brookings, Oregon.


In 2012, the pilot of an Air Canada flight mistook Venus, the planet, for another aircraft. He initiated a steep dive to avoid the planet. 16 were injured after bouncing off the ceiling and he almost did hit another aircraft on the way down.

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