10 Crazy Things That Donald Trump Actually Believes

Throughout his run to be the Republican nominee for the upcoming US Presidential elections, Donald Trump has courted controversy. In order to appeal to a certain type of voter, he has had to change his views on certain things and keep people interested by saying popular, if inflammatory statements. This has led to him being chastised by certain members of society for these rather contentious quotes. However, they aren’t the only shocking things about the businessman. He also believes some rather bizarre things that will confuse most people.

Kim Jong-un Is A Good Leader

While he has confirmed in the past that the United States and other countries need to take a hard line approach towards North Korea, he has also spoken in admiration of the leader of the country Kim Jong-un. In an interview he complimented the way he consolidated power after the death of his father by getting rid of threats to his leadership.

World Would Be Better With Saddam and Gaddafi In Power

The United States and its allies went to war to remove people like Saddam Hussein and Colonel Gaddafi from power. Yet, Trump believes that not only were these armed conflicts mistakes but the world would be better off with the dictators still in power. He claims that they were far better at fighting terrorists and keeping violent rebels in line and so would have not allowed ISIS to develop as it has.

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