10 Crazy Things That Fell From The Sky

Some days in other parts of the world are more unusual than others. While we have our usual rain or snow, some odd things have fell from the sky: a bag of marijuana, vampire fish, meteorites, and what not! Events seemed like a page from a Book of Revelation or a Hollywood apocalyptic movie, but they are certainly real! These stuff aren’t made for fiction, too–science can actually explain them. Here are 10 of the craziest things that fell from the sky.

A Meteorite Fell On A Woman While Napping In Her Living Room

A meteorite fell from the sky and onto a napping woman in her own living room in Alabama, USA. Ann Hodges was sleeping in the living room couch when the meteorite came soaring through the ceiling and smashed on her hip.

She became a minor celebrity afterwards with offers from around the world to purchase the meteorite from her. A bitter court battle ensued as Birdie Guy, owner of the rental house, sued to take ownership of the meteorite. Eventually Hodges obtained ownership for $500 and the meteorite is now in possession of University of Alabama.

Fish Fall Out From the Sky in Small Australian Town

In a small outback town in Australia, residents were speechless when they witnessed fish falling out from the sky. Christine Balmer, Lajamanu resident, shared: “The fish fell in their hundreds all over the place. The locals were running around everywhere picking them up.”

Balmer reports that the fish were ‘all alive when they hit the ground.’ Thus, they would have been alive when they were flying up in the clouds. This wasn’t the first time residents reported of seeing fish falling from the sky.

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