10 Crazy Ways That Lottery Winners Spent Their Money

Millions of people around the world dream of winning the lottery simply because it provides an easy way to get rich. Although picking the winning numbers is incredibly difficult, choosing what to do with the prize money can be just as hard. Do you spend it on good causes, quit your job, pay off the debts of your friends and family or travel the world in your own private jet? Some, though, choose to spend their extra cash on more unusual things and lose their winnings in bizarre ways.

Robert Erb – Legalizing Weed

After winning $25 million in 2012, Robert Erb decided that he would spend a good chunk of his money on charitable causes. This included donations to help people pay for dental care, get transport for those who couldn’t afford to buy a car and helped with local community projects. His biggest single contribution, though, was to an effort to legalize marijuana, as the 61-year-old gave $1 million to support organizations that support the drug.

Evelyn Adams – Gambled It In Atlantic City

Evelyn Adams somehow managed to win the lottery twice in the space of two years, netting almost $6 million in the process. Probably believing that she was the luckiest person alive, she spent huge sums of money in Atlantic City casinos until she eventually gambled every single cent she had. Adams now lives in a trailer park and has no assets.

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