10 Crazy World Records Involving Mass Participation

Breaking a world record is possibly one of the most remarkable thing any one can ever achieve. Records can be extremely diverse, ranging from physical feats to manic mental accomplishments, from doing it alone to breaking a record in a group. Individual records can be relatively easier to achieve because you need to count on only one person to make things happen – yourself. When you attempt to break records using a team, you need to focus on coordination and execution beyond anything else. This list includes 10 crazy world records that involved mass participation.

Largest Gathering Of People In Underpants

Sometimes, you need to bare your soul in order to breakthrough a massive barrier. In this case, all these people had to bare was their skin and the record was theirs. Cosmos, a cancer society, got together 146 volunteers, who showed up only in underpants in order to raise money and awareness regarding the cause. This record was broken on a rugby ground at the Harlequins rugby club.

Coke Mentos Explosion

As kids, most of us have attempted to convert an ordinary bottle of coke into a gaseous explosive device by adding a Mentos. A group of 1,500 students created a world record by launching a simultaneous explosion using 1,500 individual bottles of coke, thereby recreating our childhood vision in the most spectacular way possible. This event occurred in Leuven, Belgium.

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