10 Creatures That Are Terrifying Killers

Predators come in an array of sizes and shapes throughout nature, with some being incredibly tiny and others being larger than a human being. There is a trend there, of course, with the efficiency of predators being almost unimaginable, as they have survived for long periods of time due to their ability to kill without any mercy. These are nature’s perfect killing machines. It is truly impressive, slightly shocking, and downright disturbing how fast some predators can slaughter their prey. Here are ten truly sadistic natural killers in the world.

Praying Mantis

The Praying Mantis has become famous in the natural world because the female will eat the male while they perform intercourse. The female overpowers the male. In terms of other prey, though, the praying mantis does not kill immediately, but instead begins to feast before they have died.

Photuris Firefly

The Photuris Firefly is another femme fatale within the world of nature and insects. The firefly will imitate the signal of another type of firefly, then they will lure the male in and consume them, private parts and all.

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