10 Creepy Abandoned Theme Parks Around The World

Theme parks are supposed to be a happy place for children and family. It creates a sense of fantasy and imagination, fostering idealistic view of a fun and perfect world. Disneyland, the biggest theme park franchise in the world, earns more than 2.2 billion dollars in annual revenue. The numbers speak itself: theme parks earn a lot of money.

But not all theme parks speak the same. Theme parks may seem all glitz and fun, but they are also expensive to put up, and difficult and costly to run. Hence, a lot of theme parks also close, even if it used to be popular during their hey days. Some parks close due to profit losses, others due to an nuclear disaster, and still others due to a supposed curse. Here are 10 of the creepiest abandoned theme parks in the world.

Happy World, Myanmar

In 1997, Happy World opened in Yangon, Myanmar, witnessed by the dictatorship’s most influential men. The brand new theme park was located just by Yangon city zoo.

The government had hoped that the theme park will help the population get distracted from the harsh realities under tyranny. State media promoted the park as a great recreation center for people, boasting of world class and modern games.

Today, the park is dead, filled with vines taking over the roller coaster rides and dead machines. Dozens of people still live in the abandoned park, homeless after losing their jobs since the park closed 3 years ago.

No one knows exactly for sure why the park closed, but the offices of the owners are now empty and inhabited by vicious, stray dogs.

Camelot, Lancashire

Camelot, based on the medieval kingdom of King Arthur, used to be a very popular resort park among local families in Chorley, Lancashire. Now it is left abandoned with a creepy atmosphere.

The park closed in 2012, after operating for more than 30 years. The park claims that it closed due to a number of reasons: low visitor traffic, dreary weather and events like the Queen’s Jubilee and 2012 Olympics that hampered the visitor numbers to the park.

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