10 Creepy Abandoned Theme Parks Around The World

Kejonuma Leisure Land, Japan

Kejonuma Leisure Land used to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors annually, but has mysteriously closed in 2000. Some people seem to attribute it to a curse.

The park was located in Tohoku, Japan. Once popular, the number of visitors started to decrease in the late nineties. Authorities formally listed economic collapse and Japan’s low birth rate as causes of the park closure, however many people believed the premature closure was due to a curse, as the theme park was built next to ‘the pond of a ghost woman’. It is still in the same location, left abandoned.

President’s Park, Virginia

President’s Park in Williamsburg, Virginia was a failed theme park featuring 43 large busts of US presidents littered in the area.

After years of abandonment, the 20 ft., 9,000 kg. president sculptures still look magnificent, if not a bit creepy–they are missing vital body parts such as noses and ears. Nonetheless there has been a revived interest on the works and plans to revive the statues and place them in a museum, a safer place for the sculptures.

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