10 Creepy Abandoned Theme Parks Around The World

The Land of Oz, North Carolina

The Land of Oz, Beech Mountain, California was the brainchild of entrepreneur Grover Robbins. In the 1970s, he had envisioned an amusement park for families and children. Unfortunately Grover never got to see the dream: he died of bone cancer, just 6 months before the park was completed.

Tragedy seem to befall the park. A fire destroyed Emerald City and important pieces of the museum collection such as the dresses worn by Judy Garland. Visitor traffic dwindled, and just 10 years after it opened, the theme park closed.

Atlantis Marine Park, Perth, Australia

Atlantis Marine Park was a resort town in Perth, Australia, that was initially part of an ambitious project to improve and support the town’s growing population.

Initially, the theme park was met with success. Visitors flocked to watch the live dolphin shows, go swimming, pedal boating, and take a tourist photo with the King Neptune statue by the entrance.

Despite the popularity however, the town’s financial boom never happen, and the 1987 stock market crash put the final nail in the coffin. After only nine years of operation, they shut down.

Atlantis has since grown derelict and full of vandals, but since 2015 there have been plans to preserve and relaunch the park with mixed commercial and private spaces.

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