10 Creepy Urban Legends That Are Actually Real

By now, everyone and their parents have heard a wide variety of different Urban Legends. Everything from ‘Bloody Mary’ to waking up inside of an ice bath while missing one of your kidneys in a seedy motel room. Most of these are pretty terrifying to the normal human being, but what makes them worse is that they are actually true tales, not just made up stories. This could, literally, happen to almost anyone these days, so be wary next time you are visiting certain places in the world or try new things.


In one of the biggest tug-of-war matches to have ever been created, 800 people lined up on each side of the rope to win at Retrocession Day in Taipei, Taiwan. Apparently, Yang Chiung-ming and Chen Ming-kuo had their arms ripped from their bodies due to the force.

Chimney Death

Santa Claus may manage to fit down your chimney every year, but that doesn’t mean everyone can. Dr. Jacquelyn Kotarac tried to climb down one, but got stuck within. Three days later, a housesitter saw fluid dripping from the chimney, and rotting flesh falling forth.

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