10 Devastating Weapons That Are Older Than You Thought

The act of modern warfare has grown immensely more sophisticated and devastating since the days of the World Wars. We once used swords and bows and arrows, but now we have missile-armed drones, robotic bomb disposal units, and machine guns capable of firing one-thousand rounds in a single minute. We have missiles that destroy entire villages. Some of the deadliest armaments were crafted within the past decade, but there are still some in use that are devastating to the enemy. These weapons are actually older than you may think.

Land Mine

Land mines are round explosive devices planted just underneath the dirt during massive conflicts across the world. Chinese inventors created them in the 13th century, and tens of millions that were planted during recent conflicts are still buried.

Naval Mine

The Naval Mine is exactly like the the land mine, excepted these circular explosives devices are planted in the water to destroy ships unlucky enough to come across them. Some of these mines are chained down, while others are sent floating downstream.

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