10 Disgusting Things Found In McDonald’s Food

McDonald’s is everywhere and most of us opt for it when we’re in a hurry, or just need a good old portion of fast food to provide our bloodstreams with a bit of grease and fat. Sometimes, however, the trip to McDonald’s can end not so happily, and not just because the guilt starts building up in your core as soon as you exit the door after eating one too many cheeseburgers. The internet is filled with McDonald’s horror stories and we’ve found the best ones – from dead animals to used protection. Here are ten of the most disgusting things people found in their McDonald’s orders.


While you want your meal from McDonald’s to be safe, you don’t want it to be too safe that it comes with someone else’s band-aid. In 2005, Lauren Coleman ordered fries at Illini Union McDonald’s and found a used band-aid in her fries, with Coleman stating: “The McDonald’s on campus is not classy or clean, but it’s the only one on campus… It’s like taking a risk when ordering there.”


In Reading, Massachusetts, one girl’s double cheeseburger came with a special side dish – a needle. The girl was biting into her burger when she came upon a hollow piece of metal. McDonald’s issued a statement saying: “We take these matters seriously. However, at this time, these are allegations. Upon learning about these claims, we immediately began an investigation to gather the facts. Without the facts, it would be inappropriate to further comment or speculate on where this object may have come from.”

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