10 Disgusting Things Found In McDonald’s Food

A Nail

Sweden had its fair share of McDonald’s misfortunes when in a tiny city outside Gothenburg, a man by the name of Yusuf Bercil bought a burger in his local McDonald’s and after taking a bite got himself pierced by a nail. The nail was half an inch long and it got stuck between the man’s gums and teeth. He recollected the particularly nasty experience to his local newspapers saying: “I managed to get it out but then I threw up. What if one of my children had got the burger instead?”


Not all happy meals are happy, it seems. In 2010, the 18-year-old Hayley Parsons opted for the popular packaged happy meal in her local McDonald’s in the south of London. Her fries came with a special sauce – four bugs crawling around in her food. The health inspector decided the bugs must have crawled in while Parsons was eating the food outside the restaurant and McDonald’s was not at fault. However, Parsons decided she will never eat at the restaurant again.

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