10 Eerie Pictures Of Oklahoma’s Ghost Town

The small town of Lovell, Oklahoma, started out as a post office in 1889 when unassigned land were open for settlement. The town began to flourish and population grew. But an ill-fated incident would leave Lovell in a condition so devastating it would never be able to recover.

Today Lovell is known as an abandoned town, but its history lives on. As you walk through the ruins of what is left of this once beloved town the images will tell a heart wrenching story that is not easily forgotten.

Lovell Post Office

In May 1889, Lovell was officially settled by the postal service. The town was originally called Perth, but changed its named to honor the man who developed the town, James W.Lovell.

Lovell School

Oklahoma became a state in 1907 and by this time, Lovell had become more populated. Several businesses were established including a school, hotel, bank, post office and two grain elevators.

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