10 Embarrassing Plot Holes From Popular Shows

Sophia In The Barn In The Walking Dead

One of the biggest twists in The Walking Dead is when Rick’s group opens a barn at the farm they’re staying at and a number of zombies come sauntering out. The farm’s owner, Hershel had been keeping the zombies in there in case there was a cure. One of the zombies is Sophia, a girl from Rick’s group that had gone missing. She’s in fact, the ONLY little girl that comes out of the barn and this is meant to shock us all.

The problem is that Hershel and his group knew Rick was looking for a little girl, and it seems unlikely they wouldn’t have mentioned they had a little girl in the barn.

Carrie’s Mental Health in Homeland

Carrie is a CIA operative who also has bipolar disorder. This was found out by her higher ups towards the end of season one and she’s actually fired for a while. The problem is, the CIA has some pretty stringent screening processes. It seems as if something as pronounced as her mental disorder would have set off some pretty big alarm bells and she would never have been hired in the first place, especially considering how unhinged she is through most of the season.

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