10 Facts About 9/11 You Didn’t Know

The 9/11 attacks upon the World Trade Center in Manhattan, New York, USA, were considered some of the very worst and deadliest terror attacks to occur in American history. Over 65,000 personal items were recovered from the debris of the downed towers and plane crashes, including 150 wedding rings, sadly. Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon not long after, causing even more damage. The death count was around 2,753 after all of the attacks were completed. There are some things people don’t know about those attacks, though. Here are ten facts about 9/11 you didn’t know.

Not the First Terrorist Attack

9/11 was not the first terrorist attack on the Wold Trade Center. In February of 1993, six people died when a terrorist bombing went off.

Canine Hero

During the attacks, a blind man – and 30 other survivors – were led to safety from the 78th floor by a guide dog, Roselle. This dog is now famous and won an award for bravery.

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