10 Facts About Aeroplanes You Never Knew

As a frequent flyer, there are some things you should really know before traveling across the world on one of the big airlines. A lot of major airlines somehow keep a lot of secrets from their passengers. Secrets that only their employees and pilots really know, but they keep things quiet to not incite a riot while high up in the air. Thankfully, some employees have spoken on the topic, revealing exactly what is going on behind the scenes. Here are ten facts that you never knew about airlines.

Pilots Get Served Different Meals

For every flight that serves its passengers food, the pilots get something different. This is usually better quality food, and is served in the case of food poisoning. Occasionally, the pilot and co-pilot will eat different foods to reduce the likelihood of them both being poisoned.

Toilets Can Be Unlocked

While flying high up in the sky, sometimes nature calls and you require the use of the bathroom in the back. This bathroom does lock, but flight employees can actually unlock it from the otuside as a precaution. Apparently, people enjoy shooting up in the bathrooms of planes.

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