10 Facts About Credit Cards Most People Don’t Know

Credit cards have their pros and cons, and in North America, it’s nearly impossible to get through life without one. Everyone knows that in order to take out a loan for a mortgage, a car, or for tuition, a person must have good credit. In order to build good credit, that person must use a credit card, responsibly, to prove that they can handle the responsibility of money. However, many people abuse and take advantage of credit cards to the point of no return. This list is a compilation of ten interesting facts about credit cards that many people do not know!

Interest Generated

Credit card companies in 2006 earned about $90 billion in interest.

Visa Logo

The Visa logo has a blue line and a gold line. The blue line stands for the sky, and the gold represents the gold hills of California, which is where the Bank of America was founded. Visa used to belong to the Bank of America.

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