10 Facts About Radiation You Never Knew

Radiation is quite a magical substance – it can either save your life through various forms of cancer treatment, or it can cause you to live alone and die in a very painful way. Extreme radiation has the capability of wiping out the entire race, but it may have sparked the very first life form so many millions of years ago. Society may have come a long, long way, but we still use radiation in a very dangerous way. As a form of energy, radiation is dangerous and powerful, for example. Here are ten radiation facts that will sizzle off your skin.


The entire city of Denver is actually incredibly radioactive. Background radiation from natural sources are everywhere around the city, especially from cosmic rays. The folks in Denver receive around 115 millirems of radiation every year, which is the equivelant of four X-rays directly to the chest.

Flying Causes Radiation

Flying in an airplane is generally pretty safe, but a single flight from New York to London, for example, will give travelers the same amount of radiation as a single chest X-ray. That may not seem like much, but it does add up quite a bit.

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