10 Facts That Showcase The Complexity Of Earth

We have only one home, and it is a tiny blue dot floating amidst the great cosmos. Our planet is a wonderful, complex and mysterious place that has evolved over billions of years in order to create the perfect environment for us to thrive in. The diversity within our planet is truly spectacular, making every living creature a miracle in its own right. There is a lot we have understood about our planet, and there is still a vast amount that we are still chasing. There are so many complex dimensions to Earth, that we may never really understand it fully, but that makes perfect sense, as we are merely a tiny life form feeding off this beautiful planet. This list features 10 amazing facts that manage to showcase the complexity of our planet.

Armstrong Limit

We can travel 12 miles into the sky before we experience the Armstrong limit. This is the point after which we are forced to wear a spacesuit as out body can’t handle the low pressure of the atmosphere.

Man-Made Orbits

The space around our planet is quite hectic at all times. There are at least 38,000 man-made objects orbiting Earth any given day.

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