10 Facts You Never Knew About Cats

Cats are probably some of the most popular domestic pets across the entire world, and yet they still get a bad reputation due to their lackadaisical lifestyle and ability to simply annoy the living daylights out of their owners. Cats are still incredibly cute and great to pet and snuggle with when you’re feeling down or bored. Still, there are some things most people don’t know about cats, like how there was a spy cat once, for example. Little tidbits like that make us smile at the simple sight of a feline. Here are ten truly bizarre facts about cats.


In the middle of the night, sometime after all of the park attendees have left, hordes of cats overrun the entire theme park. The park is known to feed these animals, and will even take care of them. They allow this due to the simple fact that they keep the rats at bay.


Cats are known for having some truly impressive antibodies within their body. Cats are said to have antibodies against dog blood, which means they can receive a transfusion only once in their lifetime. A second time will kill them.

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