10 Facts You Never Knew About Mars

Our solar system is a vastly complex domain, bustling with minute remarkable details. Our planet is definitely the most intimidating presence in our system, but our neighboring planets are just as complex in their own way. There are many details that distinguish one planet from another, giving them their own climate, color, atmosphere and conditions. Mars is the one planet in our solar system that is the most similar to Earth. There are many fascinating details about little red dot, and here is a list discussing just ten of these 10 facts.


Life on mars may not have green skin and pointed antennae, but there is something definitely living on the planet. They are called microbes, and fossilized remains were first found by NASA in 1996.

Longer Year

You would literally have more time to kill if you ever lived on Mars. Due to its orbit around the sun, a year is much longer on the planet. One year on mars is 687 Earth days.

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