10 Facts You Never Knew About Microsoft

Everyone knows about the good being done by Microsoft, especially their charities and the charity work of Bill and Melinda Gates. Unfortunately, not everyone knows about the horrible acts they commit as a company on a regular basis. It seems that the best way to cover up negative press is to sue and throw more money at the problem — according to Microsoft anyway. This is a list of ten terrible facts about the giant company, and some will make you wonder if the good that is done by this company outweighs the bad ones they sometimes commit.


When 17 year old Mike Rowe decided to create a website using his name as a pun — MikeRoweSoft, Microsoft saw red. They attempted to sue him to change the name, but said that he would settle the case out of court. That is when Microsoft offended him by offering him $10. After this offense, Rowe countered with $10,000. After much public dismay, Microsoft caved and gave him his settlement, a visit to Microsoft’s HQ, some training, and Xbox and some games.

Xbox One

Bribery was definitely a big part of the Xbox One’s success. When it was found that Microsoft was paying $3 per 1,000 views of YouTuber’s videos containing 30 seconds of footage of Xbox gameplay, many people lost faith in their idols. A document was made public, and although it is not technically illegal, it was certainly frowned upon to think that the people many trust online were not allowed to give fair reviews of the product.

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