10 Famous Actors Who Nearly Died While Filming

Acting is probably one of the most desired careers anyone could want these days. These graceful men and women tend to make well into the millions of every single year, and they get to work on some really interesting projects. However, one thing the public rarely sees is when things go wrong behind the sets. These little incidents tend to be covered up and rarely spoke about. Well, we’re here to chance that, as we know of 10 famous actors who nearly died while filming their television shows or movies.

Aaron Paul

While filming for the first season of Breaking Bad, a boulder position on top of the RV was holding down a rather large tarp. A strong gust of wind blew the tarp and stone away, nearly striking Paul, who would have been seriously injured.

Leonardo DiCaprio

While filming Django Unchained, Leonardo DiCaprio managed to act a little too hardcore. During the dinner scene, he slammed his hand down and put it through some glass. He required medical attention to stop the bleeding, but he finished the scene first.

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