10 Famous Gangsters With Odd Nicknames

Gangsters these days tend to have weird nicknames, such as Dizzy P or Skinny Pete, or whatever else they happen to concoct. Back in the old days, however, when gangsters were known for robbing banks, wearing pinstripe suits, carrying Tommy guns, and making people offers, they truly had cool nicknames. Of course, sometimes all the cool nicknames were taken, so a few gangsters out there ended up receiving completely odd, bizarre names instead. Here are ten famous gangsters with odd nicknames.

Jake “Greasy Thumb” Guzik

Jake “Greasy Thumb” Guzik, a gangster during the 1920s, was the number two guy in Chicago, second to just Al Capone. He served as Capone’s chief accountant and treasurer. It is said that he would only carry $1,000 in his pocket and no guns.

Carmine “The Cigar” Galante

Carmine “The Cigar” Galante, the leader of the Bonanno crime family, is said to have never left his home without a cigar in his hand. He was known for smuggling heroin into the United States from France.

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