10 Famous People You Had No Idea Had Myspace Profiles

Remember MySpace? No? This was a website that was the kind of the social media landscape before Facebook kicked it off the thrown and made it little more than the court jester. Perhaps the most surprising thing about this turn of events was just how quickly Myspace went from being the social media website to being a website that people fondly remember as though it went defunct 40 years ago. When you check out our list of 10 famous people who had really embarrassing Myspace profiles, you’ll realize that the site didn’t truly fail until just a few years ago. We were pretty shocked to see the people who actually had the profile.

Kylie Jenner Was a Lollypop

While Kendall Jenner liked to think of herself as a horsegirl, Kylie was apparently more enamored with being a piece of candy. Her profile URL claims she’s a lollypop.

Kim Kardashian Really Wanted To Be A Princess

While her profile looks an awful lot like something you might find on file at the DMV, Kim was very much enamored with being a princess. She called herself Princess Kimberly, her quote was “I’m a PRINCESS and you’re not, so there!” and her URL was kimsaprincess.

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