10 Fascinating New Discoveries Related To Blood

The human body is the most complex structure in nature. Our current forms are a result of millions of years of sculpting by the meticulous hands of evolution. From our brain to our bones, every element has been morphed to provide us with the utmost stability in order to function in the way we were meant to function. As we study our body, we continue to understand the grand design that went into creating the smartest creature on our planet. The blood in the human body has yielded many interesting results when studied under the sharp lens of science. This list contains 10 of the most fascinating discoveries that resulted from studying and experimenting with blood.

Robots Used To Repair Your Blood Cells

Science fiction has given us a lot of great ideas over the years, and a scene from ‘Fantastic Voyage’ may soon be played out in real life. Nanobots could be sent directly into your blood stream in the near future, and play a major role in repairing your cells directly.

Blood Powered Batteries

A lot can be done with some blood, sweat and tears. Just some sweat and blood alone could be enough to power new bio-batteries that could be planted under your skin, and used to charge things like LED’s.

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