10 Fascinating Tidbits About Everyone’s Favorite Eight-Legged Freaks

Despite being some of the most terrifying critters on the entire planet, spiders are actually highly useful to the entire ecosystem and for humans who value them on a regular basis. Believe it or not, some people feast on spiders on a daily basis, and some rid gardens of harmful bugs that could destroy entire crops of food and other nutritious plants that grow in the wild. There are currently around 110 families and 40,000 species of spiders in the world, which makes them a tad bit scarier. Here are 10 interesting points about eight-legged freaks.

Spider Food

Tarantulas have become something of a delicacy in numerous parts of the world. They are eaten by tribes in Venezuela and as street snacks across Cambodia. The hairs can be an irritant, so they are removed before the critter is fried up.

Clean and Green

Spiders are not always green in color, but in terms of the environment, spiders are some of the greenest, most eco-friendly insects in the entire world. They remove crop-destroying insects with no effect on the crops themselves.

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