10 Forgotten Google Projects That Failed Badly

Google is one of the biggest companies that takes care of our daily internet needs by providing us with a number of services. Starting out as a simple and easy to use search engine, today Google gives its users the power to easily edit documents and store them via Google Drive and Google Docs, watch and upload videos via YouTube and do pretty much whatever they please on their smartphones through the operating system Android. However, you can’t achieve such a success without experiencing failure. Having almost no competition in the search engine department, Google has had the power to experiment and the company has used this power wisely. Without further adieu, here are the 10 forgotten Google projects that failed badly.

Google Print and Radio Ads

Doing wonders and millions of dollars with Google Ads online, the company decided to spread its wings and try out its strategies in the offline world, mainly through print and radio ads. Unfortunately both campaigns weren’t met with a huge success.

Google Lively

Letting people experience the Internet in a whole new way, Google Lively was quite similar to the popular MMORPG game Second Life, being not only a social network, but also letting people create their online persona and share their time with friends via chat rooms and bulletin boards. However, while in the dawn of the internet online night clubs sounded like a great idea, today we know it is not.

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