10 Functional And Clever T-Shirt Designs

Nearly everyone wishes to stand out from the crowd. Some wish to do so by being playful and funny. You can’t always spend hours mixing and matching stuff from your crowded wardrobe to achieve that perfect wear that shows off your wit and charm. Neither do you always have the luxury to always find that outfit which is not only clever but also comfortable. If these issues plague your dress up time, here’s 10 t-shirt designs that are not just smart but also go the extra mile of being functionally efficient.

The Coaster Belly T-shirt

Quite a few times you come back from work and cannot be bothered to always grab a coaster for your cold beer. For all the lazy beer lovers out there, this t-shirt comes with a built-in coaster to make your life easier.

Gamers Tee

To open the secret entrance to the cave, try left-left-up-left-down-down-right-left then a-y-y-x-b-a and then hold the d-pad down while clicking y-y-b-b. Press start twice, and you will get in. In some games, everyone wins!

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