10 Funny And Strange Tips From The Chinese Government

The Chinese government operates in a way that is sometimes quite unfathomable. A couple of years ago, the government released a 64-page fully illustrated manual that was meant to educate their people on how to travel. The manual was called “Guidelines for civilized travel abroad”. They did not want their good name to be disgraced when their countrymen visited other parts of the world, which is why this manual tried to instruct them in the most detailed manner possible. Most of the tips in this manual are quite funny and this list features 10 of the silliest tips given out by the Chinese government:

Stealing Life Vests

The government specifically asked their people to not steal life vests from airplanes and gift it to other people.

Bathroom Etiquette

Apart from asking the people to flush after using the bathroom, the Government asked them not to leave footprints in the bathroom and not linger in stalls once they finished using the bathroom.

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