10 Funny Facts About The History Of Streaking

If you’ve seen the movie Old School, you probably remember the classic scene where a drunken Will Ferrell yells “We’re going streaking!” Thinking every one is following him and doing the same, he takes off naked through his town, only to be discovered by his wife as a lone streaker. While most cases of streaking are harmless fun, people are regularly arrested for streaking in public places and these public places are commonly sporting events. Here are ten funny facts about the history of streaking.

The First Streaker

The first recorded case of streaking was in 1799 in London. A man accepted a dare to run naked through town and it ended in him getting arrested.

Sporty Streaking

The man credited with beginning the trend of streaking at sporting events was Michael O’Brien in 1974. He took to the field – naked – at a rugby match in England.

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