10 Funny Things That You Can Type Into Google

Google has always been a brand that has shown a lot of personality. They have tried to be different every step of the way, and this attitude has helped them become the kings of their domain. The company has also tried to project the fact that it is light-hearted and has a good sense of humor. You tend to randomly come across many such instances when you use their services such as Google maps and translate. Here is a list of 10 funny and interesting things that you can type into Google to get some engaging results.


If you search the word ‘Anagram’ in Google, it actually uses the ‘did you mean’ feature to make a joke. The search actually shows the phrase ‘did you mean: nag a ram’, which is actually an anagram of the word anagram.


If you type in the word ‘Elgoog’, which is ‘Google’ backwards, you are directed to a page where all of ‘Google’ is actually mirrored.

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