10 Harmless Things That Can Turn Deadly

While most of us probably feel we are living healthy and safe lives as long as we put on our seatbelts when we drive, wipe up wet spots on the floor and go to the doctor every now and then, the fact of the matter is the world is a dangerous place. Some things we totally take for granted can turn into unmitigated killing machines if they’re put in the right situations. You can’t even really protect yourself from some of these, because you’ll never see them coming.


Icicles are really pretty to look at. The smaller ones are even pretty cool to break off and play around with. Watch your step if you happen to be near larger ones and the air is warming, They tend to be sharp at the end and can certainly puncture skin if they are big enough and fall from the right height.

Dryer Lint

Dryer Lint is pretty gross. It’s also pretty deadly. You might be thinking we’re talking about accidentally inhaling the lint but the real danger is the chance of the detritus catching fire in the dryer itself. According to one 1998 report by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there were 15,600 dryer fires that year that killed 20 people and injured another 370.

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