10 Harmless Things That Everyone Thinks Are Bad For You

Children learn all kinds of things when they are growing up and soon build up a database in their minds of the type of things that are good or bad for them. These are largely dependent on family members and personalities who have a certain degree of authority over others telling them things that are carried on through adult life. As with most things though, not all of those actions that we were told are bad for us actually are. In fact, many of them are comparatively harmless and pose no danger or risk.


Parents often go to extreme lengths to try to convince their children that alcohol is something that is very harmful and that drinking it should be avoided at all times. While this is an obvious scare tactic, most people think that alcohol is a detriment to your health. The truth though is that as long as it is drunk in moderation it can actually prove beneficial in certain circumstances.


Popular belief has often held that comedies, whether on TV or the big screen, are not beneficial in any way, especially when compared to high qualities dramas. Yet, recent studies have shown a link between watching funny shows and films that has a similar effect to doing a significant amount of exercise by expanding blood vessels and improving health.

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