10 Haunted Roads You Don’t Want To Travel On

Ever since childhood we are bombarded with scary stories, either by our parents, in an attempt to make us behave better, or by friends just for the fun of it. Even though debates regarding the existence of ghosts can spark a lot of controversy and we don’t tend to believe them, in some cases they are frightening enough to make us stay away from certain places. Driving alone on the road at night, in most cases, is enough to make crippling fear crawl underneath our skins. However, the stories behind these 10 haunted roads will certainly make you avoid them!

Balete Drive, Philippines

A two-lane street, Balete Drive is located in the New Manila District in the Philippines. While the road doesn’t seem that creepy, it is the backbone of some of the most bizarre haunting stories ever told. According to the legend that has been circulating since the early 1950’s, the ancient Spanish homes around the area are haunted and former owners of those homes are guarding the the road itself. The most famous and frequent is the story of a “White Lady” who is reportedly seen walking around the road. Elves, fairies and a smoking black giant have also been spotted on Balete Drive and while the stories are often disregarded as myth, it’s your best bet to simply avoid it.

​Sweet Hollow Road, Melville, New York

There are a vast number of ghost stories and urban myths about Sweet Hollow Road. Passing through dense woods, the road is infamous for its frightening factor with legends surrounding it being investigated by a number of ghost hunting enthusiasts. According to some, there was a hospital in the woods near the road, which burned down, leaving the ghosts of patients to haunt the road for eternity. A similar legend suggests that a nurse had set the hospital ablaze. Her ghost, alongside faceless children, appear out of nowhere to unsuspecting drivers.

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