10 Heroic World War II Soldiers Who Achieved The Impossible

World War 2 was one of the most devastating conflicts throughout the entire human history. Millions upon millions of people died, disease spread without mercy, and the destruction was on a level no country could fathom at the time. The only good thing to come from the war is the heroics of men and women who braved everything and risked it all to stand against tyranny and evil. The following ten soldiers managed to achieve the impossible, and they ended up becoming famous for their triumphs. We definitely couldn’t do anything near what these men and women were able to do.

Dirk J. Vlug

Dirk J. Vlug, born way back in 10916, served in the 126th Infantry division in the Philippines. On December 15, 1944, his unit was under attack. Vlug loaded a rocket launcher and took out the first tank, then charged the second and took out the gunner. He finished it off with a second rocket. He then spotted more coming, so he rushed them. In total, Vlug took out five tanks completely alone that day.

Charles Carpenter

Lieutenant Colonel Charles Carpenter was once an observation pilot for the United States during the war. While flying a reconnaissance mission during the siege of Lorient in 1944, Carpenter attached rocket launchers to his plane. Six in total. He fired the rockets, destroying at least six tanks and numerous armored cars.

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