10 Hidden Images Discovered Beneath Famous Paintings

Many classic paintings are not what you see at first glance. Some need more analysis about the technique and the way the painting was created, but some also hide some secrets that only the high tech restoration techniques managed to reveal. Paintings behind paintings are a real discovery in the art world and you wouldn’t believe just which pieces were actually built upon some other artwork. Take a look at the list below to find out the ten hidden images discovered beneath some of the most famous paintings.

La Republique Figure, The Wood Sawyers

An image of a head was found just above the left shoulder of one of the male characters in the famous painting called The Wood Sawyers. Upon a more thorough examination, it was revealed that the figure was actually of the world-known French statue La Republique. Jean-Francois Millet painted The Wood Sawyers over the original painting to save money.

A Beached Whale, View Of Scheveningen Sands

The famous work called View of Scheveningen Sands was painted by Hendrick van Anthonissen in 1641. However, it’s not just that, but also a double painting. The original painting was of a whale that was then painted over into a beach in order for the artist to save some money.

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