10 Hilarious Cats That Hate Being In Pictures

Cats really enjoy keeping to themselves. There are times when some will bother you to play with them by bringing up some kind of ball or string, and they’ll definitely climb all over you if it’s near feeding time. However, in general, kitties don’t really want to partake in activities that you want to do. This holds especially true in the art of taking pictures, which is sometimes hard to resist because they can be so darn cute. Here are some of the most hilarious results when it came to people getting their photo with the bundle of fur.

Bad Luck

They say a black cat can bring you bad luck if it crosses your path. For this girl, that came in the form of a scratch to the face.


Maybe it was a shock to know that Batman was coming as the logo is displayed in the background. Or, the cat has become the next evil villain that the superhero needs to thwart.

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