10 Hilarious Knockoffs Of Children’s Toys

We’re currently embroiled within a capitalistic world where making money is the single most important thing for most companies. In order to accomplish this end goal, there are numerous manufacturing companies will to rip off plenty of other children’s toys, television series, movies, and more in order to make a quick buck off unsuspecting parents looking to buy their kid something nice. China is renowned for having a lot of knock off items sold on the streets. Here are ten of the worst children’s knock off toys that should bring about a chuckle or two.

Anna Montana

Anna Montana, which is obviously a rip off of Hannah Montana, should be the only doll related to Miley Cyrus in some way to ensure the young starlet never receives a dime from the profits.

Ill-Tempered Birds

Angry Birds was such an immensely popular game on mobile devices for quite some time, but Ill-Tempered Birds probably wasn’t as good. These birds weren’t quite angry, so they probably weren’t as fun to play with.

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