10 Hilarious Notes Left By Roommates

Having a roommate can be one of the most fun yet exhausting experiences of all-time. There is a lot of compromise involved in the set-up, but it does have its own share of rewards. The most important thing necessary in keeping any roommate relationship alive is good communication. It is important to find the right way to tell your roommate exactly how you are feeling, or what you need so that you can avoid future conflicts. Here is a list of 10 funny notes left by one roommate to another.

Bad Roommate

Using a rhetorical question to tell the person you are living with that he or she is a bad roommate is a bad idea. The roommate responded in kind.

Put On Some Pants

Sometimes, you need to make certain sacrifices to keep your roommate happy. This can involve things like cleaning the bathroom or simply putting on some pants because your roommate’s parents are visiting.

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