10 Hilarious Photos of People Having The Absolute Worst Day

If you’ve ever had one of those days, you probably felt as though the entire world was against you. You felt as though you were just the unluckiest son of a gun on the face of the planet and you couldn’t think of anyone who might be having a worse day. Lucky for you, there are always people who are going to be having a worse day than you are. There are always going to be people who have had something worse happen to them. Sometimes, those things are actually quite hilarious in a sad sort of way and you should feel free to laugh at them. Check out our list of 10 hilarious list of photos of people having the absolute worst day and breath a sigh of relief.

That’s Just Bad Customer Service

This guy thought he was finally going to get his issue resolved. Then he ran into this customer service agent.

That’s Just Heartbreaking

We’ve all been here. We’re all excited to eat our delicious cupcake or pastry we’ve been saving for when we were having a kind of a bad day … and then we open the box.

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