10 Hilarious Protest Signs That Aren’t Really Protesting Anything

We’ve all seen protest signs we think we could do better. We’ve likely all seen protests where we kind of wanted to join in just to stir things up a little bit. Luckily, there are some of us who have actually jumped on that train and managed to make some very serious protests just a little bit more funny. Sometimes those protesters have decided they want to let everyone know how they feel about their lives. Other times the protestors are pretty obviously just being ironic and are looking for a way to bring a bit of laughter to the situation. Whatever the reason for the signs, check out our 10 hilarious protest signs that aren’t really protesting anything and let us know your favorite.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

This person appears to either love irony, or got caught in the middle of a tidal wave of people.

Throw In The Bucket Or No Deal

This is both a hilarious sign and one that might actually have an interesting undercurrent with it. Props for bringing the funny and the political commentary.

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