10 Hilarious Times Companies Had To Protect The Male Ego

As research papers pile on research papers, many have recently brought to light the sensitive nature of the male ego where men believe that not being manly means being a complete failure. It’s difficult being a man as well in this day and age because men also need to do normal things like ironing and exfoliating which at some point was mostly a woman’s job. To a lot of guy these are still ‘chick stuff’. If you are a man concerned about looking bad doing ‘chick stuff’ here are 10 products that will let you do things like cooking and bathing without feeling insecure. More Power to You!

Over the Top Bath Soaps

Enjoy a luxurious foamy bath but like a Man, with these scent exploding grenades and macho grip soaps.

Confectionery for Men

Sometimes you feel like eating a pink doughnut and that’s fine because these are no ordinary chick doughnuts… they are BRONUTS

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