10 Hilariously Ironic Names Of Criminals

Everyone should embrace having a unique name. It’s something that they’ll probably get made fun of as a kid, but that should give them enough motivation to work hard and do something that distracts people from their name. Other times, people will simply change their name legally when old enough. For this list of people that got charged in ironic crimes that are similar to their name, perhaps it would have been in their best interest to do the latter. Here are some of the most hilarious names you can find attached to related crimes.

Joseph Moron

This Colorado felon had charges of domestic abuse on his record, and was finally arrested in 2001. He really lived up to his family’s name.

Mister Love

This guy really could have gone a long way with his full name. Perhaps he could have been an adult actor or giving love advice, but instead he decided to be a sex offender.

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