10 Historic Stories That Are Shockingly Inaccurate

History is a funny thing. The people who get to write some of the most historic events in the world’s history are also people who wrote those events so long ago that it’s hard to fact check at a later date. Other times, a story that was never meant to actually be taken as factual and historic has taken off in a way that actually has history taking a completely different tone and the details completely different than what was true. If you want to know the truth behind some of the most interesting happenings in history then you should read on. It turns out the things you thought you knew were true, weren’t really true at all.

George H.W. Bush And the Supermarket Scanner

During his presidency a story began circulating that George H.W. Bush was blown away by a simple grocery store scanner. The story was supposed to show just how out of touch Bush was, however, in reality, Bush was commenting about an especially advanced scanner that could read torn barcodes and weigh items at the same time.

Napoleon Bonaparte And the Egyptian Sphinx

What happened to the nose on the Egyptian Sphinx? Numerous stories claim that French general Napoleon Bonaparte had his men use the nose as target practice after he invaded Egypt.

The problem is that he and his forces invaded Egypt about 60 years after the nose was first reported and recorded missing by drawings from a Danish explorer.

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