10 Horrible Effects Of The Meat Industry

There are so many people and organizations out there who absolutely hate the meat industry and what it does to the entire world. The harm of the meat industry may not be evident to some, but others absolutely see what is happening, including deforestation and the eventual extinction of various species of animals that humans use as meat. The profound impact of the meat industry can be changed, and China has recently begun taking steps to improve its impact on the globe. Here are ten horrible facts and realities of the meat industry.


Believe it or not, the meat industry is actually the leading cause of deforestation in the entire world. Around 1-2 acres of forest are cleared every single second in the Amazon. The increased demand for beef is the reason behind deforestation, as the meat industry requires more land.

US Antibiotics

The meat industry actually used 80 percent of all of the United States’ antibiotics. This means all of this production goes to animals instead of human beings, which could benefit from it annually. 28 million pounds of drugs go to cows, hogs, and other farm animals.

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