10 Horrific Crimes That Happened Through Craigslist

Man Kills Woman He Believes Is Prostitute

When Ezekiel Gilbert asked hired a woman through Craigslist at the expensive price of $150 per hour, he presumed that she was a prostitute. After it became clear that Lenora Frago wasn’t prepared to have sex with him, he asked for his money back. An argument ensued and she fled the scene and was eventually shot and killed by Gilbert while trying to get away in a car. Despite the killing, he was acquitted due to laws in Texas allowing deadly force in cases of self-defense.

Lenny Dykstra Indecent Exposure

Former MLB player Lenny Dykstra faced several indecent exposure charges in 2011. He had placed several posts on Craigslist asking for help from women with household chores, though when they would arrive he would ask for massages and then remove his clothing and expose himself to them. He was convicted of a number of charges in 2012 and served six months in prison.

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