10 Horrifying Ways The World Could End

We all have to die someday, that’s just a sad fact of life. Wishing we are able to control the way we go is one thing, as is being prepared for the worst. What if there was something beyond our control trying its damnedest to destroy us? There is not much we can do other than hope and pray that the worst doesn’t occur; or doesn’t occur until we are ready and able to do something about it. This list includes ten horrifying ways the world could end, and we wouldn’t be able to stop it.

Black Hole

By crashing atomic sized particles together in the Large Hadron Collider, scientists believed that they could potentially created small black holes while they search for answers involving the universe. In 2008, a giant scare occurred when a scientist proclaimed this was possibly. Fortunately, a Hawaiian scientist proclaimed that the odds are tiny, due to the earth being bombarded with particles with higher energy than the collider every day, yet we see no black holes. Maybe its just a matter of time before we get ahead of ourselves and create one by accident, ending everything we know.

New Virus

Many do not know that Ebola itself was not diagnosed until mid 1970’s. We have all seen the toll it took on many African countries, and the fear it caused in the Western countries. With new diseases being discovered so regularly, and confirmed reports of scientist attempting to create diseases to cause mass genocide in non-caucasian groups in mid 1980’s, its just a matter of time before a new disease is found that could wipe out humanity.

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