10 Horror Movies Based On Real Events

We’ve all heard the old saying that art imitates life. There are plenty of movies that are based on true stories, but people rarely realize that there are horror movies that are actually based on real life events. Obviously, most movies take a bit of poetic license, but these 10 horror movies are close enough to things that actually happened that you’ll be shocked. Some of the stories on this list are even supposed to be factual tellings with very little poetic license thrown in just for spice. So sit back, and prepare to be shocked that these 10 horror movies are based on real life events.

The Serpent and The Rainbow

The Serpent and The Rainbow is a movie based on the book about real life witch doctors and their ability to actually bring zombies back to life. Clairvius Narcisse supposedly came back from the grave. He was said to have died in 1962 and was seen back in the village in 1980 when he explained that a voodoo practitioner put him into a deathly trance and then revived him to use him as a slave for a plantation from which he could only escape after the death of the master.

Wes Craven took this idea and turned it into quite the horror movie.

The Conjuring

The Conjuring tells the story of Ed and Lorraine Warren, who were indeed paranormal investigators. While there were obviously some things changed for the movie, Lorraine, who is still alive while her husband has passed away says the film is pretty close to the truth.

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